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well happy birthday Kelly from me. I love reading your blog..
and remember this too shall pass....
babies come to us, when we're ready and least expecting! Trust me on that one, I have had 4!
It's a weird life, full of surprises. Enjoy all of it!!

Happy Birthday Kelly!
You might not feel right now that you do have what you want most but I am sure it will be send your way one day.
I have to say, I was just thinking and writing on my blog about how I started it and it was basically because of you. I was feeling down and homesick and was looking on the internet and it was october and i missed home and autumn and i googled pumpkins and you know what i found? something better. one of the photos on the web were of a little pumpkin beanie and that beanie lead me to your blog, over a year and half ago and i never stopped reading ever since. It opened new world to me of fun and creative reading and I want to thank you for who you and how you are and for all the times I got to be inspired by you!
Happy Birthday again xx

Happy Birthday Kelly! My 33rd was a few weeks ago, not so exciting as birthdays used to be! I hope this year brings you lots of luck & happiness.xxx

Happy birthday to you! I enjoy your blog and it is very inspirational and real. Enjoy your day. Sending you prayers for a stone-free, baby enriched year.

happy birthday kelly! i loved loved seeing you 2 weeks ago and need more of that. I think you're beautiful and wise and you inspire me. have a wonderful birthday.

happy birthday Kel! I want to come over and sing to you in Korean with nothing on but socks and my hair covering my naughties like old times. but, instead i'll just wish you a happy day and say i love your guts. which i know you will probably appreciate more than the first idea. hope to see you soon in all your 33 year old wonder. good luck with those dang stones...you tell them who's boss. love you.

Have a wonderful birthday!
Hope you get a tan again soon!
Cheers to spring which is hopefully right around the corner!

nancy's comment made me laugh out loud!! haha. i would kill to be able to go back to that era for a couple days. do you want to go tanning today together?? i feel like that would make us real happy.

dear kel...happy birthday. you've had a rough month or more and i am sorry that you feel a little dumpy.

my this year bring the longed for baby. that is my wish and prayer for you. it really is not too much to ask for.
and may you have peace and a nap. xox

Happy Birthday!!
I hope you get everything you want for your birthday this year.

happy birthday, kelly!!! i hope you have a peaceful evening and then a fun weekend. oh, and 33 isn't old, no matter what grant tries to tell you. just tell him that since you're [so very slightly] older, you're cooler.

we are birthday twins!! happy day to you!

If you get a baby wrapped up in a box today, will you take note of where it came from and pass along the info.....I would love to go pick one out for myself.

hope your day is perfect:)

Happy Birthday Kelly!
I hope your day is great, Hope you find some good thrifts! HUGS!
and I PRAY you get your birthday wish.

Happy Happy Kelly! Well no birthday card for you since you didn't reply to my e-mail asking for your new address :) Hope you have a great day!

happy happy birthday.... make it a wonderful one !

hope you find the coolest afghan and the cutest vintage baby outfit, and an equally adorable little tea pot to warm up some hot water in.
miss you.
from our crazy to yours,

hmmmm what can i do in honor of your birthday today? i'll think on that.

Happy happy day! Hope it's sunshiney.

Ha! I think you held it together pretty well (on the not being a dd) EXCEPT my response to people who don't want us to be dd on our birthdays? I always reply with "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" te-he. Happy Bday. Oh and my hubbers has passed and I am not exaggerating here... hundreds of stones. He's also had the blasting and removal a couple of times. When he was passing his last stone they saw 6 in the wings. So I feel for you there. That is awful. ~blessings

Great post!

It's not too much to ask at all and I hope your wish comes true Kell!! You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! I hope you get your baby in the next year. I have never commented on your blog before but I read it regularly. I have really appreciated your candor about infertility, it has really helped and touch me as I have started my journey on the infertile roller coaster.

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