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I love this. Grant sounds so awesome. I can just picture the "turning away and laughing" because my David does the same thing when I do something that I think is funny (because it is, duh!). You two are so great. Congrats on the marriage!

love this.

Love the happiness factor!

love this post, it was worth the wait! and really 3 years without fast food for grant. awesome!! does that include subway and the like?

Oh how I wished I could have seen all the shenanigans! I just did a high kick in honor of you! ps. Dave and mike once had a high kick contest...dave won. But mike kicked so high he fell backwards. funniest ever. We all need more silly moments!

I am recently married, last August, and I hope my husband and I are every bit as in love as you two in ten years! And just as silly as we are now. :)

This it my favorite post EVER! It is so you two! You guys are one of my all time favorite couples!

this is such a sweet post. I love it!

You two are adorable!

so sweet!

I actually heard your voice in my head with the almost ten years my friends. I love that I can hear it, mostly because I miss it! We should high kick it together sometime ... I am always up for an impromptu interpretive routine :) Though you already know this, I just like to wear costumes to hide my true identity, you know like a cross for Buffy etc ..

Not meant to one up you at all, just to say that I relate and love it too.

Once when leaving Hawaii, the shuttle bus driver gave Jeff and I a knowing smile - "You two on your honeymoon, eh????" nudge nudge.

We told him we hated to disappoint, but that we were going on 15 years, and he just made us feel like we were newlyweds, and tipped him a big one.

The APPROVED impersonation - dying. We love that skit.
I think Jeff and I would mesh with you and Grant marvelously. Maybe we could be sister wives and husbands on the commune? We just won't go to church and will have beer in the fridge. Cool?

Just scrolling through my google reader and had to click over to come tell you how much I love this post :)


You look adorable and young and sweet for sure.

Are you kidding me?! You are hilarious! I need friends like you who do this crap so that I'm not alone!

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