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What an AWESOME story. Congrats to you!!

That's my kind of answer to prayers! He knows us SO well. So excited for you and Grant and Cate. CONGRATS!! :)

ps- total blog stalker, bakersfield friend of Grants.

Incredible, incredible, incredible! (I know; I am so articulate.) What a wonderfully fulfilling experience. I could not be happier for you.

oh I am so happy for you! and I wouldn't call that a little miracle at all. ;)

wahooo! so happy for you... and yep long time blog stalker who just couldn't be happier! (funny what brings the weirdoes out ;)

kelly!!! this is the coolest story. i'm so excited for you! congrats!

That is so awesome! And USC is a great school!!! Good for you!

awesome story! i read your blog A LOT but rarely comment. i just couldn't resist on this one though. answered prayers are always wonderful but having that peace given to you in such a personal way is such a testament of how God loves each of His children much more than we could ever fathom. i am constantly amazed by that truth. congrats!!

congratulations kelly!! this is amazing news!!! i'm so happy for you!!!! there are not enough exclamation points in the world to write this! hehe :)
p.s. you have been in my thoughts a lot recently- perhaps this was why!!!! <3

i couldn't be prouder of you!!! You do just fight your path don't you! Is that a gene that is passed on in our family? and then i married one and birthed one. ha. love you so much! You already make such a big difference in people's lives. Heavenly Father has big plans for you, and so does mom. You are living out all of her dreams for her. She is probably so dang excited right now.

Congratulations, Kelly! This is the happiest post to me. I love answers to prayer. I love seeing the Lord's hand in the details. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience. Hooray for the perfect program for you- things work out when left to the Lord!

Yay Kelly! That is awesome news and I'm so happy for you.

Goosebumps! Amazing story! Love it! Congratulations! I just love that feeling :) So happy for you! All wonderful things will come to you!

Rarely comment, but couldn't pass this time.

#1--"He may not be there when you call Him, but He'll be right there on time."--so true.
#2--He knew you'd take a while to come around to acting on the prompting, that's why the program JUST came available online.
#3--What a great example for Cate to see her mom receive an answer and step in to the darkness, acting on faith.

#4--Congratulations! Those that work in social work are angels on Earth. You're to be commended for getting in to USC. Hats off to you.

Wow! How amazing! I have a MSSW from Columbia and loved every second of it. What an exciting time!

That is such a fantastic story...congratulations!

So perfect. CONGRATS!!!!

Bravo! I am so very happy for you. Sweet little tender mercies everywhere. What a cool story.

No way, Kelly!!! I don't even know you but somehow I'm so proud of you!

I have a special love for USC as a doctor there saved the lives of my twins while I was pregnant with them. Great school!!

so so stoked for you. seriously neat and inspiring and rad. YEA!!!!

Amazing!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! What a story to get you through all that work!!!

Congrats to you!! And what a touching story. Perfect answer that you needed... I love it when things work out like that. Good luck with school!

Congratulations Kelly! What an amazing accomplishment. Clearly it was meant to be.

This is so so amazing, and exciting. And I'm not surprised because you are amazing and crazy smart and beautiful and skinny and compassionate and this is so great. I'm really happy for you!

H.U.G.E miracle made of yarn! go kelly!!!

Oh Kelly, I don't "know" you and yet, don't I? :) I cried when I read your happy, tender mercy. The Lord certainly cares about you and you WILL accomplish your goals. Congratulations!

I normally just lurk on your blog, but reading this post I had to comment. I almost cried I was so excited for you! Thank you for reminding me that inspiration does come.

That is an amazing story. I am really excited for you. Wow!

That is so exciting. I'm so happy for you! I'm also very glad you're feeling the weight off... it's so miserable to be stuck.

Perfect. :)

that's an amazing story!! i would take it as an answered prayer too. good luck to you! ;)

That is just amazing! I love this story! CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's amazing what the Lord asks of us before we can have answers to our prayers/desires. He definitely has a plan. I'm so excited for you! It sounds like an amazing program!

That is so amazing, I just got chills reading it! Congratulations to you! It's so well-deserved and you're going to do fantastic.

Oh, Kelly, I am so so SO happy for you. You have been such an inspiration to me and I'm sure to everyone who's been reading along your journey. Your faith, your willingness to share your vulnerabilities, the sunshine you share... I am so grateful to have found your blog those years ago. And I am so so SO happy for you.

Thanks for sharing this really beautiful story with us :)


Congrats! That is so exciting! I'm a knitter, too, and I would have found that equally meaningful. I love it when answers come to you in that way.

Congratulations, Kelly! I've been reading your blog for several years now, and always look for your good news and happy stories.

I have goosebumps...no such thing as coincidence....congratulations!

You make me cry a little, mostly because I hope you know how much your Heavenly Father is aware of you and loves you. But I probably cry a little bc I love you too!

As J-Lo would say, I have "goosies"! Congratulations!!!!!!

Wow - incredible story! Congratulations for the acceptance and the new level of faith!

Love this post. Sometimes decisions are so hard to make and you just want to do the right thing but you're not sure if it's right or not when you're in the middle of it. I'm going through that right now too. I love reading your testimony on your blog.

I finished my MSW in December. I am so grateful I went for it and did it. I felt it was right too. You will be an amazing social worker (based on what I know of you through your blog). Congratulations on your acceptance!

That is incredible! Such a blessing! You are going to do so great especially since you don't have to go to class!

My sincerest congratulations, Kelly! It pays to have faith. And now we're rivals! Go BRUINS!!!

this totally made me cry. how perfect.

WOW!!!!! I am so excited and scared for you! Go Trojans! USA was the "IT" school when I was in high school...so proud.

So happy for you!

That just gave me chills!! congrats lady!!

OH MY GOSH! One of my besties is an intro virtual teacher FOR THAT PROGRAM! She just started! Her name is Hannah Thomson! She lives right by me! Oooooh, try to get one of her classes!!!!!

How awesome and exciting for you Kelly! Yay you! Go you!

Way to go Kelly! And I can't get over how awesome this story is. He does answer prayers even at the thrift store in the form of a hand knit sweater.

go, girl!! i am really really really excited for you even though we don't know each other :)

so my best friend found your blog after I told her my story of deciding to do social work and it's amazing how God answers prayers. I'm a student at BYU and I have NEVER wanted to do social work but he has a plan for us all and definitely individual ways of asking us to do what he wants us to do. Congrats!

I have read your blog for a long time now and have never commented. I just need to tell you that I so appreciate you sharing this very special experience. I am now waiting on the Lord to answer my prayer and give me direction. I know he will answer my prayer just like he answered yours. I have a BA in Social Work so I just want you to know that I am VERY excited for you (even though I am a complete stranger.) Congrats!! and Good Luck!

congrats. what a sweet tender mercy.

congratulations! that is so awesome! what a cool story. a real live usc trojan in the reneer family. go kelly!

So happy for you! Love the little things in life that tell us we're doing the right thing! :)

My sister in law went to that exact program and now works for the ACLU, supervising the treatment of inmates at a southern California prison. If you have any questions about the school or program, let me know. I can put the two of you in touch! Congrats and Fight On!
-Stephanie Banner

you always inspire me, kelly. so excited for you!

I never feel the need to comment... but this story is amazing! Congrats to you. I really have enjoyed reading your blog over the years. You are so REAL.

Stumbled across your blog. It's well done. Thanks for the read.

if someone had been reading this post along with me, i would have totally slapped his or her back in disbelief just now. (i'm a long time/never commented reader, so hi kelly!) this story is incredible and a huge reminder to me that no matter how much i "plan" my life, god is in charge. congratulations! go trojans!

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