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Cakies. I really love that nickname. :)


I think I started reading your blog right around the time Cate started kindergarten. And I have to say that I have loved watching her grow up.

This is a great post. I am having my first baby in one and a half months, and I already see him as a toddler, kid, tween, teenager, and man. Especially because I am convinced already that he is the clone of his father. It's cool to hear reflections on children and thier development. What I like about your blog is that you are fresh, and honest.

I started reading when Cate started kindergarten as well. It is crazy how quickly they grow. She seems like such a bright, witty, fun girl.

my daughter is about cate's age...turns nine in less than two weeks. she knows nothing of the "life facts" yet...how did you approach it? i'm nervous!

She's a gem! I want a Cate.

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