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Oh dear... First commenters never win. I'm sending it into the universe anyhow.. Come on, Kate needs a brand new pair of shoes!!!

p.s.. you look RED hot!

I need some cute flip flops for the summer. I'd pick the tan Bura sandals. Love your blog by the way!

I'm loving the Ricky and the Rulla.

You look beautiful!

Oooh! Oooh! I pick a pair of Rullas!

By the way, you look stunning. :)

I am so excited for you with your whole grad school thingy. I don't have enough distance from school yet to think it sounds remotely appealing, but I'm excited that you're excited. :)

Cmoooonnnn mama, gimme some Sadikis!

um... that second picture of you is absolutely stunning! you deserve a fancy date in that red dress.
red rulla's, please!
love, lindsay

The Sassas please!

Vanamo? :)

i can't even narrow it down. gypsy? rulla? malka? hartley? oy vey.

The Samiras are super cute

Yes! Good gravy, I could do with a new pair of shoes. Maybe some Samiras?

i LOVE shoes!! I think I would say I like the Rulla the best!

Um gee whiz It's been years since I bought a fun pair of shoes(running shoes don't count!) i'd take the rulla's in red but i'm a casual girl at heart so the sangos and handstands are calling my name. Now how do I get shabby apple and blowfish to send me stuff?! I guess i'd need a cool blog for starters!

I really like the smara's in black and white stripes. So cute!

Ooh, I like your pair. Also the Genny's. Kind of one of those situations that you're relieved when you don't win so you don't have to spend 3 hours narrowing it down to one pair. ;)

You look great! Good luck on your first day of grad school!

I'm loving the Tan Nordie. :)

Love, love, love the Rulla. Might even convince me to wear heels once in a while.

It's really hard to narrow this down but I think I'd do the Screamer flats. You look great in the shoes you picked out... love the photos!

The Genny. In red. I'm ready for sandal weather!

So cute! I love the Samira.

i'm thinking i'd look pretty hot in some red rullas! loving the red dress, by the way!

honestly i think you picked well i love the ricky in the money print

I second the "you look hot" comments. . .
Also? I think you are brave for going to grad school and wish you so much success!

As for shoes, yes please. Just have to decide between the Rulla or the Ricky wedges. . .

I really like the Huxley canvas sneakers but there are a pair of mocs there that are cute too.

Gosh, how to pick? I think I'd have to say the Screamer is at the top of my list.

Kelly - you look AMAZING. And I think I might have to buy that dress. And those Ricky shoes, too. I want it all.

You look gorgeous!

I'm destined to win because by chance this morning, while looking for a summer sandal I stumbled upon the Blowfish Gypsy, tan faux-leather platform and fell in in love. They were a bit more than I wanted to spend so I didn't get them. But if I WON them. Perfection.

Love the photos and love the Louie!

Lovin' the Scottfree. Super cute and definitely Spring!

super cute shoes! i love the natessa.

those are cute!
I am loving the gypsy sandals.

Is is weird that I really like the Madoka in black? I know, how not girly of me!

Love the Sadiki shoes. What a great site!

LOVE me some Genny shoes....

I love the Timo! Love. Love.

so many shoes to pick! i love the genny and the ricky!

I love the gypsy shoes!

Oh I am excited for your posts. Your shoes are gorgeous especially with your pretty dress. I would looove the gypsy shoes in tan leather. They look comfy, pretty and would go with so much!

Love the Clement wedges! They would be perfect all summer!

you look hot hot!
and my favs are the gypsy wedges!

Horton in white, size six ;) CANT LIVE WITHOUT THEM
Love you Kel

Love the dress. Look fabulous.

I love the shoes and I choose screamer.

Selene and Sandbox

Those are beautiful photos of you!

Oh my, the 'nice' shoe is more than nice, gypsy, nordie, huxley... can I choose later when I win? haha
also, I think I might have to get your dress, you totally sold me. beautiful!

i'm so glad you're posting more again - i love reading your blog!

and the Smara in that stripe print looks perfect for the stay-at-home-mom!

(i'm totally jealous of your figure! you look great in that dress!)

I love the Louie ones! Perfect for summer! Good luck with grad school, Kelly! You'll do amazing!

Okay now I need that dress and those shoes....what a great combo!! I also love the nordie and huxleys.....

i don't even want any free stuff. i just want to tell you that you look absolutely amazing! gorgeous!

I would buy the dress if I could look that good in it. I'm lovin' the "Slow Down" style on Blowfish!

i think i'd like the Ricky's-- same ones you have on, i believe!

The Scottfree are cute - the ones you have on are cute but I am too much of a wimp to do heels of any kind these days!

kind of digging the huxley's and since I am currently pregnant with twins (diagnosed with pcos 10 years ago...there is hope:) shoes are about the only thing that still fit me! thanx for the giveaway

the floral Geline's are making me happy at the moment, but so many cute choices!!

the dress looks amazing on you. i wish they had a shop so i could try them on...

i would pick the rulla in red or the skippie.

yay for your first day!

I think I like the Huxleys. But I wouldn't be surprised if I change my mind. Too many to choose from.

Oh, I love the Rulla shoes in red! Oh, I'm hoping I get picked!

i reary rike the rulla

Ohhhh would love to pick some summer shoes! Love them!

...forgot to say with my post that I like the Monica sandals!

Rulla for sure! And you look gorgeous.

Hi Kelly, Love your blog, and wish you good luck with grad school! I'm lovin' the Sima - Thanks

You look like a MODEL! Your are so HOT! I would LOVE, LOVE the Gypsy shoes!

I'm with the others in that you look really great. I'm also happy to hear of Blowfish; I've been looking for some cute wedges for a month or so now. It's hard to choose but I like the ones you have on, Rulla, and Vanamo.

Oh man, I'm having a hard time choosing between the Saleri, Howie, Slow Down, Ricky, Tush, Louie, Horton, and Hartley...how's that for non-commital!

By the way, I absolutely love that dress and you totally rock it!

the gippity gypsies for sure! I have adored those gypsies since I saw them on pinterest!

you look like a magazine. a really beautiful magazine. I love the juxtaposition of these pictures. the red feminine dress and shoes against the concrete. Kind of reminds me of you in a way... tough and feminine at the same time.

I like the ones you have! So cute and since I can't walk in high heels, I love wedges:)

I love the rulla, gypsy and tush! I love comfy shoes that happen to be cute too.

BF-1994 thanks for the giveaway

I love the Baylee. Perfect for work and play. :)

what the....you look so unreal in these. so hot. gosh. you're a FOX!

the malka in orange are so cute. i need a new pair of comfy summer shoes. you look beautiful in your photos!

I really like the yellow howie espadrille flats, but there are several pairs of shoes I could fall in love with! It's my birthday today, so I'm hoping to win :)

Loving the floral Samiras or Smaras!

I love Sima in black. I really need some cute black flats! I hope I win!!!

I would choose those cutie Sandbox espadrilles for our trip to the beach this summer! Adorable!

I love the Becka sandals!!

Good luck at grad school! How exciting!!!
My favorites are the timo wedges!!

Love the sandals. May the universe be in my favor this week. Mom needs new shoes for Mother's Day!

My faves are the Natassa flats. So, so cute. P.S. You look amazing!

I really like the gypsys.

I'll admit my current flats are getting rather stinky! I'd love to walk in to summer with some new Hartly or Huxley shoes.

~ps Kelly you are beautiful!

Oh, it would have to be the Makary in tan...it would go with everything all spring and summer!!

I love the ricky and rulla. They're both so so cute. Are you wearing the ricky ones?
I'm obsessed with your dress!!

YOU LOOK AMAZING! that's all, i don't even want the shoes! love ya!

Rullas rock!! Congrats on school!!

I love the Baylee in natural canvas, so cute!

I love the Rulla wedges, but can't decide on a color. :( Blowfish has lots of amazing shoes though!

I love the terrabiza shoes! And these photos of you.

i'm liking the baylee. yup. those, and pretty much every other pair too :)

Rules. Cool name cool shoe!

been eyeing the selene flats.
P.S. I feel like a nerd after talking to you at women's conference. :)

Dang autocorrect. I meant rulla.

I love the Gypsy platform sandals. Those would be my summer staple!

Selene and Ricky so cute:) Love all their shoes! Also love your dress I just may need to order that too! Why do you not age? What is your secret!?!

Cute cute! I love the gypsy.

The gypsy! Oh so cute.

I'll take the Howies or Skippies or Norcos or Naomis or Noodles or Sandboxes or Selenes or Courts or... I'm not sure I could choose just one :)

The Howie in Mango Denim? Yes, please! PS: You're great. :)

Mannix in Khaki.

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