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good update. now i don't need to be mad that you haven't skyped me. That is hysterrical about grant. Did he say that he wanted to go into town to get a power converter. ha

Enjoyed dropping by...it's been a while since I've been able to visit blog friends! I also enjoyed your journal update...your comment about praying before sharing thoughts publicly in class resonated with me...As a Roman Catholic, I often feel resistance and experience awkward stares/comments from friends or classmates who do not understand how or why I practice my faith...and take the philosophical stands that I do.

I think you are inspiring and wonderfully refreshing. Maybe because I see so much of myself in you. Thank you for the beautiful honesty in this post!

I loved this. I really like how straight up you are about life. No sugar coating it.

And as for that SNL skit, I could cry just thinking about it too.

You are super real and I love that. I smiled when I read about the paper chain with 58 links on it. :) That's awesome.

This is full and happy and pleasure and pain. LIFE.
I am so proud of you for living it.

heather- i totally thought that, that's the voice he said it in, a frustrated young luke. so funny.

valerie- it is so frustrating in the academic world! they refuse to acknowledge that most of this country is religious and they have a right to their views. they act so superior and enlightened. your values and good life of service to god and your fellowman mean nothing to them. i am being super generalizing, of course, but i appreciate your comment so much.

shannon- thank you for the kindness!

kate- i'm glad someone knew what i was talking about about snl! so sad when she was dancing with everyone :(

ellen- i'm wondering if you think 58 is a lot or a little? i can't decide.

tara- you don't know what that comment means to me, because i've been avoided life for so long. like, i'm choked up. i love you.

ok, a few things:
i totally sobbed through the end of snl, but the song that's stuck in my head now is "she's a rainbow" instead of "ruby tuesday". wasn't it good? i love kristen wiig.
glad you're feeling better.
i'm sorry about the academic environment you find yourself in now. but i've followed your blog for a long time, so i know that if there's anyone who can be a smart, inspired, voice of reason and example of us mormons, it's you.
my husband talks in his sleep too! one night after we'd only been married a little while, he sat up in bed in the middle of the night and shouted, "honey, i'm home!" and then rolled over and went back to sleep. i always get a huge kick out of whatever he says and does in his sleep, too.
anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this blog. love it!

jo- yes! another snl fan. so sad. as far as usc, i knew that's how it would be. grant gave me a blessing that scared the crap out of me and how much i was expected to oppose incorrect thought. so thanks for your confidence! what a great way to grow in learning to daily rely on he spirit, though. i love sleep talkers! i'm so glad i married one :) you got lucky too!

you amaze me.

i think somehow from switching to google reader from blog lines, i lost you last year...but now i found you again...love your blog!

I love Grant's dream story...did you see the Star Wars yoga thing I posted on pinterest for you? xoxox

loved this! I love coming by often. we are often on the same page although in very different circumstances!

I've been feeling strongly about my handmade shop being put on hold. i loved your most recent post. it confirmed what the spirit has been whispering to me. hard to do though!

my hubby used to have hilarious jump out of bed dreams too. I miss those. I loved a good belly laugh in the middle of the night and then again the next morning.

we are foster parents! we have two little babies...siblings...7 months and 19 months. mom is really wanting better life for her children and it makes my heart so so happy. she wants our help and we are building a great relationship with her. doesn't happen too often...but it is a good thing because these babies will forever be a part of me and she wants us to be their second family! :) Love the career you are pursuing.

And sorry this is so long. I know we have never met but I like you and you inspire me.

I need that GNFR shirt. Need

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