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Oh Kelly- this image of you and Cate is AMAZING! You are both, so, so gorgeous! Love your candor and honesty as always. Hang in there! It will ALL work out and be OK (my daily mantra :) ). Love on that sweet girl and enjoy your weekend! Miss you my friend!

Beautiful photo! You are gorgeous! Having just finished my MSW in December (and I had a baby during it), I feel your pain. It's hard work. You will cry tears of joy at your commencement and hooding ceremonies. I did. It will all be worth it. You can do it! To sacrifice makes an experience sacred. Keep going!

i was obsessed with annie when i was a kid, too. i even had a slightly annie-ish haircut with a perm, heaven help me. and i would play "annie" all day long and make my twin sister play sandy the dog. those songs are so thoroughly embedded in my memory.
good luck with all your school work. it must be so stressful, but you can do it!

there is a lot of love in that photo.

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