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i love this post so much kelly. you do look beautiful and i laughed at grant's instagram. you two are very complimentary. think you both are the best.

well thanks miss Janie, that's sweet

Kelly McCaleb, you're glowing in these pictures. So, so pretty. xo.

Beautiful. You. You and Grant. I seriously wish I could be your buddy in real life.

Ah.. I love this! It's great to find mates that calm us down isn't it? Heavens knows I needed one to do that for me!

Oh, and WAY sad about the prison systems. Portland has an insane amount of homeless people and it's heartbreaking to see how so many of them are struggling with some type of mental illness. The system needs help.

i agree with you, i also used to test boys and now i'm happily married.

ha! what a man. I think when I was dating I unconsciously enjoyed a bit of catch and release. the drama. all that. but then when I tried to break up with my now-husband, he just nodded and said, "ok." totally unconcerned, totally chill. much later he told me he knew it wasn't over. and he wasn't worried. (this happened a good 2 or 3 times.) I need that chill in my life, I do.

For some reason this reminds me of meeting up somewhere between Liberty Square and my condo and then talking at each other, not listening to each other and then going our separate ways feeling totally understood and stress free from our quick venting. Oh, there may or may not have been a game of rummy and a few Guys and Dolls quotes also thrown in :) Ah, the good 'ol days!

you do look pretty, and I would cozy you too. Especially if you let me borrow the red jeans.

he's right, you do look pretty.

and i'm the same way - sometimes i just need an audience.

Oh I love your blog because you are so honest and well written! So many of the things you write (like this post) remind me of me! I just wish I could be more honest with expressing them with others like you are. Where did you get your courage?! I need that! I'll have to read this post to my sweetheart, like yours, he is a wonderful listener and handles listening to my opinion so beautifully! :0) I should mention too how much I love listening to his views on life too... he has such a great perspective. Anyway, thank you again for your wonderful honesty! Because of that your blog is like one of three that I read these days :0)

A. I SO identify with this. I inherited my dad's love for passionate "debate" and I know I can be a little intense...so I get it. (Maybe this is why I'm not married yet? Haven't found my Grant...)
2. I LOVE Ever After too. Love it. The day it came out on video, my sisters and I rented it. When it ended, we rewound the tape, and watched it again. I've never done that with any other movie.
P.S. Are you related to Faith Hill somehow? like long lost sisters? Identical cousins? :)

danyelle- bless you. what a nice thing to hear!

elizabeth- move to utah, girl! j/k california is way better than me!

kate- yes it does. it's so overwhelming to have to talk and read and discuss these topics day after day. it makes you tired in a way that's hard to describe. just...drained.

luisa- i found it to be a wonderful weeding out/ don't waste my time system and it worked for both of us so yay! ps- i love your name, one of my faves.

amanda- heavenly father knows how to match us up, doesn't he?!

rachel- hahhaahhahaha. i love that you were my valentine at glenwood. remember that? bringing me flowers?

heather- maybe on the jeans.

angela- if you ever come up this way or i go down that way, let's have lunch and just pretend to listen to each other, ok? haha

jennifer- bless your heart, the nicest comment ever. actually, to me it isn't courage, it's an absolute inability to censor what i say or keep anything private. it's quite a problem, to be honest. i call it diarrhea of the mouth! it's a little intense for most (like this post points out!)

jaana- isn't the best line from ever after "tis your mouth that has me mesmerized"? it came out before i met grant and i literally saw it in the theater like six times reminding myself that who i was was great, and there is someone who will like it. your grant is out there. it takes some peasant years sometimes first, doesn't it?! and faith hill, please! not even close but thanks for being kind!

I've been reading your blog for a few years now, and I don't comment nearly as often as I should. I so appreciate your honesty. Such honesty is so rare these days, especially in the blogging world. That's not to say that other bloggers are being dishonest, but I just wish that people realized that it's perfectly fine to admit that we're not perfect, to admit that we struggle. The more that I learn about a person, about their strengths and their weaknesses and about the experiences that they've had, the more that I love them. I just can't help it. It seems that way too many people feel this pressure too conceal every single weakness, and I can't see how that helps anyone. I think it's really a societal issue that I'm not sure that we could overcome without people like you. You have been such a wonderful inspiration to me, Kelly. Thank you for that.

I just read through your responses to the comments. Intense? Oh, please! Not at all. I think we'd all benefit if everyone were as open as you are. I have a feeling that it seems intense because some people aren't used to it, not because you're doing anything wrong. I have to remind myself of that all the time. I often fear that I come across as being too intense for a lot of people, and then I have to remember what Dr. Seuss said: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Be true to who you are. That's what matters.

Morgan- great comment. Three cheers for loving our strong selves!!

Your adorable. I love Ever After. I made my husband buy it for me for valentines day. Ha! Also just wanted to say that I get what you mean about the things you are learning in school being so draining. I don't go to school, but I am learning it from church and it is so!draining!!

I'm laughing my head off because I swear every once in a while when I stalk your blog I think about how much I can relate to you in every way! The thing about the win win with the phone! just the other day, my precious husband of 18 years tenderly pointed out that my nature to view the world in all of it's flaws (I'm an ISTJ, I can't help it) has gotten out of hand and its time to reign it in a bit. The fact that he was taking pictures of you cracks me up even further because it is exactly what Matt would do...every moment of his life is taken in as it should be; finding the joy and the beauty and let me tell you you're one beautiful lady!

Thanks for the bright spot and for taking whatever little time you have left in your crazy life schedule to blog!

this post could be about me and mike...like every other day. and you DO look pretty.

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