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when ivy turned nine i totally freaked that her childhood was halfway over...noooo no NO! why are you sounding so calm about this? email me! i need to be talked off the ledge.

i love when movie quotes fit PERFECTLY with what you are feeling. Thank you Ferris Bueller for providing so many of them. Love these pics...you're an inspiration to me to enjoy every step of life...

I remember thinking this very same thing when my oldest turned 9 & I started making a good sized "mental list" of all the things I wanted to experience with him/ teach him/ enjoy with him still. These little ones grow so fast and I try to cherish it all as best I can. I can tell that you just cherish your little one soooo much too! :0)

I felt the same way when my son turned 9!

Happy Birthday to the apple of your eye!

I found your blog through Pinterest (and now I don't remember what was pinned). Anyway.

I just wanted to say that infertility can be a soul-killer. I'm glad to see that you are one that still has her soul.


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