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i would love to sit with you one day. while i don't personally struggle with obvious addictions - i love some that do. and you speak my language. hurry up with that school stuff. i wanna sit on the couch in that kelly mccaleb office.
love, lindsay

That is a wonderful picture of the two of you. How fun for Cate (and you!) to get to see yourselves on a poster and in an exhibit!

I love the "heavy" talk, and I am so grateful there are people like you to help those who need it so badly. They need someone with your love, compassion, and conviction. Thank you for being willing to offer that of yourself. It's so easy to get caught up in our own families and own lives, so again - those like you who are willing to offer so much of themselves (it can't be easy hearing of such heartache day in and day out!) really deserve so much heartfelt gratitude. I hope you feel appreciated.

I only "know" you from this lovely blog, but I have to say you have got to be one of the most beautiful people I've ever "met." Good luck with the busy, and keep on keepin' on!

good post counselor.

I'm not suffering from an addiction to medication, nor have I suffered horrific abuse... but I have my own demons and this paragraph:

"i want you to know something. healing happens. miracles happen. lives can change. you have choices. you don't need to control others' behaviors. you don't need to feel out of control of your own. you can live in peace. there is always an all powerful, knowing, loving God listening every time you pray. fear doesn't have to be part of your life. you can love yourself."

This absolutely spoke to my soul today. It echoed in my brain. I needed to hear it, and to feel the love behind it. So though I don't know you, Kelly, I love you too. Thanks.

One of my favorite things ever is to see people living their mission and passion. Thank you for sharing glimpses of your mission with us. Now to get off my butt, follow your example, and go live mine.

That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to print this and take it to my mother.

You are going to be GREAT at your new career!

Would you care if I shared that last paragraph on Facebook?

lindsay- you have my first appt...in two years :)

heather d- thank you, truly

jaana- i'm so happy. i always write with the intent that if one person takes something away from this, then i don't care what anyone else things. thank you.

desiree- what is yours? i'd love to know? or do you know yet? i love to remember that julia child began cooking at 38. life is a wonderful journey!

brittany- i hope it helps

lorinda- thanks, let's hope. it's killing me to get there!

debbie- yes!!

I love reading your posts, so fresh and honest. I would also love to be able to just sit down and chat with you for a long while. :) I think as hard as it is to talk about our addictions--- we all have them, there is something very empowering about it. Eventually. xo

WOW. This whole journey of scholing has obviously led you to an amazing place where you can do some serious good in the world. I'm so happy for you. And I would LOVE to see the BYU exhibit!

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