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cute picture of cate. I can't believe you don't like the heat. It's my favorite thing, and your list gets me all excited for summer. You should add going shopping at ikea to your list. But your list is pretty good. I am making a picnic blanket tonight in anticipation! Let me know if you get that craft group started. I would email you, but I'm really too lazy.

Wo, wo, wo...did you say "exercise first thing in the morning?" Kelly, I thought you'd abandoned me! So do you want your totally free "best trainer in the world" back? Or maybe you want to do things your way without all the super chipper motivational comments and suggestions? I'm not pressuring, just reminding you of your options. As for our plans, we'd like to steal Cate away to have slumber parties and run through sprinklers with the million other neighborhood kids who keep ending up in my back yard. Actually the toddler play group sounds good too. I know all the kiddies and parents would be super-cool and already "filtered" since you're pretty picky about who you decide is worthy to join your friend club. Count me in.

I'm very interested in the craft circle but I live near Boulder. Hmmm?

You just got me really pumped for summer . . . and that's saying a LOT because I live in Arizona.

our plans for summer:

1. join the reading group at the library and barnes & noble.


3. hang with neighbors.

4. lots of cookouts!

5. a nature walk to collect stuff and put it in a journal and write about what we find.

6. zoo trip: savannah wants to take the camera & take photos of each animal and then bring a sketchbook to jot down information on each page about each animal. she loves to learn!

7. write stories and act them out with friends. they LOVE doing this. they have some clubs for friends in the works too.....

8. beach time!

9. sleep in.

10. and repeat.

and i want to do all the things you posted too!

ooo, tara great list! i can't wait till cate is old enough to do the library reading programs, they are some of my favorite childhood memories!

Great list! Unfortunately, summer in Texas means a lot of indoor activities. You either hang out at the pool or you stay inside. I'm trying to do a lot of outdoor stuff now before it gets to be 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity.

My list includes lots of reading, lots of grilling, lots of sleeping in and hanging out at the science/children's museum. Thank goodness for a membership. We can go everyday. ;o)

I am all for a craft circle. I am in! Let me know if you get it started. And my kiddies are always up for play dates.

For summer, we will be having lots of Shave ice. I got a shace ice machine for mother's day. Also, I have just planted my veggie garden and I will be sitting by it every momment until I can pick something. I love it!

I just wish to comment on Kate's (never Katie) dress from this post. That may be my favorite little dress I've ever seen. Please tell me you bought it somewhere so I have hope.

great list, so idealic, makes me want to live in your world. Well except the hikes, never been one for hikes.
hey how do you do those apple pops? Id love to know.

We went to the neighborhood spray park today. We'll be returning LOTS this summer. Side walk chalk is a big must for the kids. I'd like to take the kids camping, but that's most likely wishful thinking with a new baby. I plan on running another marathon. (to loose the post-prego weight.) The zoo in IF is always a hit. We get a pass every year so we go a lot. We'll be in Salt Lake for at least a month and the kids LOVE the Discovery center at Gateway. I am really finally going to finish setting up my etsy shop. (Just need good photos-- loved your "tips") I'm also going to join our ward's weekly park play date so I can make more friends in the ward and get my kids out more. Your list sounds great too! I hope to be doing those things also.

sara- cate's dress, like most of her clothes is a hand me down from heather's girls, and i believe it is from gymboree. but since i love you i will pass it to you for halle. but if i have another girl, just pass it back cause i love it too.

chanel- oh i should've mentioned it takes 5 minutes if you have a juicer to juice the apples and then pour into popsicle molds, or just used whole unsweetened juice!

jill- how could i forget ikea shopping!!! i guess because i will be afraid of the crowds for a year or so.

melissa- yes!! the zoo. i forgot that one!

I am in for both, when I move back to Utah, which will most likely be in the fall. I know we don't know each other but I am sure we will get along beautifully, and our little ones too. Luke is a bit younger though, but very cute and i do love crafting!

Sounds like you have a great Summer ahead of you!! I hope you achieve all your goals!!

Im over in Australia where we're at the beginning of a cold winter. Hopefully it will snow!!


Oh, what do you do in the summer time? When all the world is green?" got me singing again!

we plan to:

1. Sell our house in VA!
2. Buy a new house in NC!
3. Swim in our new pool...hope we get one.
4. Garden
5. Grill
6. Farmer's Markets
7. Antique Shop
8. Make Shabby French slipcovers for old sofas.
9. Make homemade lemonade
10. Eat watermelon!
11. Enjoy 'mother nature's planetarium'.
12. Outdoor concerts
13. Paint beach scenes and flowers on canvas
14. Pick strawberries and make freezer jam.
15. Pink Baby Shower for my SIL.
16. Read the rest of the Junie B. Jones series to my kids.
17. Scrapbook
18. Buy a Canon and take better photos!
19. Picnic under a shady tree, on a gingham tablecloth and relax.
20. Join Weight Watchers, do Yoga and BREATHE!!!!

did i hear you say M-A-L-I-B-U???? what? when? i NEED to see you and cakies...i want to come join you at the beach for a day.....

peg- good additions!!
lauren- 3rd week in june, i will call you soon!

Well I am in the process of moving so no big plans for me really. But I do plan to....
1 Picnic a lot
2 BBQ loads
3 Start running again
4 Scrapbook
5 maybe camp out!!
6 Go strawberry and raspberry picking.
7 Eat seasonal wholesome foods

I sooo wish I lived near you, a craft circle would be fabby!!

I hope you have a great summer, Kelly.

you must share your grill recipes. I am sure they are simple and fabulous, but I am clueless. I love the smore ingredients at the ready idea. must get more stuff for that. oh that I lived closer and could craft and play with you.

you must share your grill recipes. I am sure they are simple and fabulous, but I am clueless. I love the smore ingredients at the ready idea. must get more stuff for that. oh that I lived closer and could craft and play with you.

yes, micayla, i too need to start running again. yikes!

and kristii- i will post some summer recipes soon....the s'more thing is genetic. my mom used to make them even in the winter over our stove!!

1. swim as much as possible
2. play outside
3. enjoy my garden
4. visit NJ and MT
5. have more couple time w/o kids
6. create more and more

that's it for now....

Summer! Yeah I love it!
I echo almost everything that has been said... actually, not true, not going to train for a marathon or go camping, but it sounds fun!
Anyway, one thing that I am going to finally get going in my new ward is a Maven's group. I have a group of friends in another area and when discouraged by their church leadership not to have a bunco night (there's a story there), we changed it to a Maven's Night. What we do, is gather around, talk, eat, hangout and everyone brings a tip to share. Last month I brought print outs of Kelly's Site and won the prize for best tip. (Thanks Kelly!) Tips range from a cleaning tip, an organizing tip, a cool book recommendation... basically anything. Then the hostess is supposed to record the tips and email then out to everyone. I am planning on posting them on my blog, but I've just started blogging and figuring this out.
Anyway, I hope to get another group like that started in my new ward, because it is a fab. group of girls and a wonderful way to get to know people better. (oh, btw, if anyone starts off their tip by saying "this is lame" they have to do push ups! :)

I should have put this link with my post... sorry. Like I said, I am learning.

hello....visit family?

A toot and a woot for Malibu!!! *B

Thanks for all the great ideas. I'm about to have my fourth baby and I'm a little worried about what to do this summer. Your list was a great reminder to me that there are things to do with a newborn. Here are a few things I did think of-
Slip and Slide - it may be tacky but the kids love it and we can stay cool at home.
Sidewalk chalk and paint.
Gardening - not being able to bend over has hampered one of my favorite hobbies! and what kid doesn't love getting dirty?!
Fishing with Grandpas - in PA kids don't need fishing licenses.
Learning more spanish - we tried this last summer and the kids loved it, just a word or two a day.

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