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Good news! :) You sound wonderful!

It is insanity that you just posted this about the pizza. Last night the hubs and I grilled pizza with olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, goat cheese, roasted bell peppers & grilled red onions. It was sinfully heaven. SO SO good! :)

Congrats on the infertility update. (Doctors can be frustrating sometimes, can't they?) And your plan sounds wonderful. Here's to a new little one in 2008!

that star wars picture is seriously scary. Was that entered in a local artist contest. ha ha. why don't you come to my house and make that pizza for me! delish!(name that movie)

duh, thouroughly modern millie. ask me something hard, heather!

I'm impatiently waiting for Trader Joes and H&M to come to Utah too!!! Do you know if those stores are on the way to the beehive state?
Thanks...I found your blog by way of NieNie, I think, or maybe by way of someone else, not sure. :)

you need to bring your photography experiment to new orleans! i have loved all of your photos you have shared . . . very talented!

Wow, that lunch looks delish! May have to try that one!! Enjoy relaxing for the next 90 days, sending lots of ~*baby dust*~ to you!! xx

Now I really want to be your friend! I'm (im)patiently waiting for a Trader Joe's as well. We do have an H+M, however.

Been there on the infertility stuff. Enjoy your time off and then good luck!

SO MUCH TO COMMENT ON!! Thank you so much for the pizza idea. My mouth was watering, and I am in desparate need of a change from my spinach salad, or fruit smoothie routine.

Second, your pictures are amazing and I wish I lived by you so you could take our family picture. I am from SLC, and have friends in ID, but am living in AZ. It's a nice place to visit, so if your interested I have a tidy little guest room and a pool in the backyard! Hey, maybe that would work well for your fertility resting routine! Moving on....lest you think I'm crazy for inviting a virtual (no pun intended) stranger to my home!

I am so excited for all Utahn's that a Steve and Barry's is coming to "y'all". You have my sympathies that trader joe's has not yet made a home in the Beehive State. I LOVE Trader Joes!!! Enjoy your weekend, and forgive me of the lameness of my blog of late....that is if you decide to visit!

Kara- my sister in Arizona is a photog. and she is SO much better than me..i'll email you.

i'm hermiting now after traveling & summer, & landon started preschool! i can't believe heath would even question "delish". hello!

Kelly, I am pretty sure that I just adore you. My pizza lunch fetish this week is borderline gross I think - Lean Cuisine pizza with hoisin sauce for dipping. I don't even know what is wrong with me. Anyway, if you'd like to come to Washington to be friends, we have a Trader Joe's opening in a couple of weeks. I'd maybe be over the whole Lean Cuisine hoisin thing and make you a real lunch and Cate and Keston could play in the backyard while we watch What Not To Wear or maybe The Hills on DVR. Jon & Kate Plus 8 is slightly entertaining too. Or maybe we could just go for a walk and pick blackberries and bake something. Or we could go to the most amazing scrapbook store and I could get you my discount if you're really sneaky. It'd be great. Seriously, I'll get over the hoisin crap soon. Last week it was tomato/basil/fresh mozzarella/balsamic glaze. Better, right? Come to Washington! :)

Let me know if you ever make a trip to AZ as I would love to have you take pictures of my husband and I. Love your blog!

hey senora...bellisima... you lika da peppa? nice kell, I'm actually impressed. Loved the updates, esp. heath's questioning if that painting was entered in a local artist contest. And for the record- I said "Oh delish!" as my comment about three posts ago. That's probably why it was in your head. shu sho shu sho

This is my first time commenting on your blog . But i had to let you know i just love everything about it.

A whale?! Hahahaha, I LOVE it! And thank you for all the updates. It's always fun to get to know you better. *B

I just got a visual in my mind of what it is to be "primed for conception" and you don't want to know what it is.

Kelly, IO have commented lots a long time ago, but here i am again, telling you that your creativity inspired me to tune up the sewing machine and make lots of Christmas and birthday gifts this year. I have a prayer in my heart for all of my fertility-challenged friends/acquaintances, and so far 4 of the 7 I am aware of have conceived this summer--I hope your'e next!

I am going to have to get some pitas. That looks so good. I could totally go for a trader joes around here too.

At least you have Ikea. RElish in the thought of all the cheap, but not, goodness at your disposal. We do however have a Steve&Barry's. Sometimes it is good to be me.

If you do come to Pismo next month, I would love to book a photo session with you while you are here. I LOVE your photos! They are absolutely beautiful!

I want to franchise a Trader Joe's in Utah, but after we contacted them to for more information they told us they won't come here because of the liquor laws in this state. Great.

Good luck with the infertility...we have had a bit of trouble with that as well. It is very emotional and frustrating, but know that you are in my prayers and that I wish you the best.

1. So great to see your brother-in-law is improving. Sometimes it's a long, slow road, but he'll get there.
2. Glad you've found some new friends, you can never have too many!
3. I bought some retro quarters from your shop a while ago and haven't decided what do to with them yet. Got any ideas?
4. I seriously laughed out loud when I saw the whale picture. Nice that you have a sense of humor even while dealing with this difficulty.

Oh I would love to have you photgraph our family or even just our girls. We live in SLC - if you're interested I would love to talk to you!

come on fly to my house! i can teach what i know, which isn't much ha ha!

What a small world! I came across your blog from Your Heart Out and I see my dear friend Tyler!!!! I am glad to hear all is well. I received a mass email from his brother Griffin that he'd had a stroke. Tyler and I have been friends for a long time and I even took guitar lessons from his sweet mother. I love your blog. Thanks for the great stories.

Oooo, I love Steve and Barry's. I didn't know they were coming.

And, with your Stars Wars love, you need to hit Disneyland and get chosen for the Jedi Academy, I know Cate has the force strong within her. We just went and it was a mother's dream come true to watch my son advance and not choose the Dark Side. Check out my blog for the pictures:

So happy to hear the infertility update - Yay! Sounds like you were in tune with your feelings per our little chat. So happy!

So happy to hear the infertility update - Yay! Sounds like you were in tune with your feelings per our little chat. So happy!

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