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I LOVE this quilt. I am wanting to make a twin size for my daughter's first bed. I can't wait until the pattern is available.

There are very few quilts that I love and would want in my home. This is certainly one of them. I wish I had the patience for quilting!

that's beautiful. i love quilts that are not "perfect", if it's perfect it doesn't seem handmade to me.
the colors are great.. i never would have thought of pairing the red with the aqua.

I love the imperfect quality of quilts because they feel loved and vintage and so perfect!! Kelly- I don't think you know how to not make something perfect, it is beautiful like all your other creations, well done!

Kelly, it is so beautiful!

The quilt is beautiful! I especially liked what you wrote about life not always going the way we planned but our friends and family's love get us through. That is so true!

beautiful! i LOVE it!

I stand in awe. I knit. I don't quilt. And likely never will.

that is a really beautiful quilt. someone will be very lucky to have it. the white just makes the crosses pop! Good job pamela

Ok, ok. I am IN LOVE!

Is it possible to reserve me a kit??? I need me some of that red/aqua love.

That is so fab! I love it! I love that it's not perfect. I will be checking out the pattern! I love your color choices! I may have to check out the kit! Good job!

so awesome. i can't afford a kit right now, so maybe you'll put some up again soon... hint hint!

it is truly beautiful!

i love it kelly. i might have to break up with you unless you make me one too. :)

It's really beautiful. I love the colors too.

it's delish! you are so very talented and beautiful :)

it's perfect kelly! and that picture of cate is a big plus too!

beautiful, Kelly!

Your creations never cease to amaze and inspire me. I love everything about this quilt and it might have given me the push I need to get started on my scrap quilt.

But then again, I could just order the kit for this one from your shop and give myself a break... ;)

That really is a beautiful quilt. Good work.

I totally love this quilt. I need a new one b/c my old one is ratty looking and the Corgi keeps eating it!

Beautiful job, Kelly. I just love that quilt so much.

This is so beautiful and looks so cozy in the last pic, lol...
Great work!

oh kelly, i love it. you did a fantastic job. i can't wait to see how much it goes for tonight. i may just have to order a kit. so cool. you are a good friend to stephanie. this is a priceless gift.

If you find that someone in Scotland has been on your site for like 4 hours, it's just me, back to look at that quilt some more. It is my favorite.

I'm SO's PERFECT. It should be in a MAGAZINE.

That IS AMAZING! i too love the colors. Whoever gets this is really blessed.

I love that color combo (see my logo), but i just love the different cross's and the bunting. Great job!

That quilt is simply spectacular!

It's beautiful, Kelly. And so thoughtful. I LOVE the colors.

I love love love this quilt. I am excited for your pattern!

How beautiful! I love the colors and I love your blog!

oooh! i love it! i think kate loves it too! very february! great job!

Charming. As is your model,on that fantastic buffet!

Holy cow. I can't comprehend the mental skill, plus the physical talent that went into this (I can't do many crafty things myself--I'm a disaster). This quilt is perfection, exactly the kind of thing I would covet for myself. It's fresh and modern yet still feels homey and like something a great auntie would have done decades ago. LOVE it. LOVE it. LOVE it. Colors, pattern, back, all of it.

kell it turned out better then i even could have imagined. i love it

BEAUTIFUL quilt. I have never made a quilt myself and your kit seems tempting but might be a little much for a novice like me?

That last picture is marvelous. I actually came back to look at it this morning. BEAUTIFUL!

so gorgeous. so perfectly eye-popping. what a perfectly marvelous quilt you completed. yay! just astonishing, simply astonishing. i think it's imagine will remain imprinted on my eyes all day long, like when you see a really bright light.

Wow - looks absolutely beautiful!

Everything about this quilt is lovely in everyway. The colors, the pattern you designed and the sewing. I love it!

I LOVE the new quilt, you are a genius! The colours, the scale, the pattern. Well done!

Just perfect - really, really lovely! I am doing a virtual quilting bee and had everyone make red & white crosses for me - you've inspired me to add aqua to it - maybe the sashing or binding? Anyhow, fantastic job!

it is just beautiful!

It's all been said, but this is truly breathtaking.

I love the color combo on this quilt. The red with the light blue is my favorite!

How can I get a pattern for this quilt? Thank you

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