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Girl your images are so so clear. Do you do any sort of picture taking classes? I would so be one of your students :) Just curious what mode do you shoot on most? Or do you set up each shot manually?

If kirsti reads this you probably need to stress that it is NOT a good idea to try to get that little bit of extra smoothie out of the bottom of the blender with your fingers....she can't afford any more damage.

yum-e for sure!!!

do you have a mold that you recommend? those look delicious!

They look d-licious.

Mmmm...great idea! My uncle has become know as "Cabana Bob"...he makes great "adult smoothies" for our Summer backyard / pool hangouts. These will just add to the goodness! : )

YUMMY! I need to get some popsicle molds, where did you get yours?! that looks Delicious!

i got some at ikea and some at a [clean] garage sale. any will do! look at target.

love the photos! i will definitely have to make some Popsicles for myself!

Great idea! I've also been considering packing smoothies instead of milk into my kindergartener's lunch, come next week. I wonder if a four-hour-old smoothie (even insulated and with a "frozen brick") would separate out and taste thin and banana-y. I'll try this instead for an after-school treat.

We do this all the time! I definately recommend round molds. Although, yours are oval and it looks like they came out of the mold well.

what a smart idea! love it! oh and lovely pics to,


is cate's full name catherine or caitlin?

it's just cate!

always cate.

Great idea. We have smoothies almost every day and I always just force myself to eat the extras. I hate to throw them away. I'll try this.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks...these are nutritious any time of the day and the kids love them!!

i love brown cow too. whole milk maple and plain are always in my fridge. : )

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