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WOW! I read of her outing with family and friends and marveled at her having climbed that (after only a year) and wondered HOW she did it - I have climbed it healthy and well and it was a challenge! Love your observations!

this makes me smile. the image she posted the other day made me smile.

it's remarkable women like this that give me strength every day.

thank you for sharing this as a gentle reminder to be the same example to others ...

our Lord is an awesome God. He gives us strength we couldn't have on our own.

Your description is exactly how I believe her to be, I've been inspired by her since before he accident, but now even more so! Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts on one so lovely!

oh my goodness! and now i'm in tears seeing her post today ...

What a beautiful woman she appears to be. I've followed her progress and amazed also. What a good friend you must be to her too. I just feel it.

Thanks for this post. I am glad for people like her (and you :) in the world. I like to believe that the world is full of lovely people. Isn't is a pleasure to 'brush shoulders' with them from time to time and grow from each other?

Have you read 'A Heart Like His' by Virginia Pearce? (Pres. Hinckley's daughter.) In it, she talks about living with an open heart, which is exactly what it sounds like Nie does 100%. You should read it--it really helped me change the way I perceive others and how I treat them and react to them.

i don't know her, but i have read her blog for years. the first time i read her blog she changed my life. sounds silly a little blog but it has uplifted me in ways words could never express.

I don't know nie either, but I sure wish I did. What an incredible woman!

Makes my heart happy. Thanks for sharing your experience with seeing such a remarkable woman. I feel that way everytime I see you too.

lucky you! i wish she was my friend too. :)

I don't know her or you but am so amazed by her. My friends and I in KY read her blog and feel like we know her. God made someone very special when he created her :)

Amen. I am amazed at her every day. I love her so much!

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have never met Stephanie, just been inspired by her blog. It is so good to hear how she is doing.

I love your blog, you are so uplifting and inspiring also. don't doubt that for one second.

She is remarkable. How awesome that you got to visit her. She is a huge inspiration in my life.

i went and it was amazing... literally can't find words to describe stephanie... but you said it so perfectly. I too am humbled to call her my friend and feel the same way the few times i've seen her AC... she has such strength and light!



i loved this today; you had me in tears. everytime i go through my google reader i wish i could meet both of you. with you sharing your experiences i feel for just a few moments like we know each other! thanks!

same. I don't know Nie personally but I have been reading her blog since summer 2007, and I feel like I know her. I wish with all my heart I lived in Utah and could have shown up to share that hike with her this past weekend. I have always felt her to be like you described, and there is a quote/"scripture" from one of her (very) old posts that I have hanging up in my room.... "Because of thy great bounty Lord, each day I live, may I divide my gifts from thee, with every brother that I see, who has the need of help from me". To me, that defines Nie. I'm glad you got to see her, and that you find the same inspiration from her as I do.

kelly this is so amazing. To know Nie must be such an honor! You did a great job of capturing her essence (that we all dream to emulate). Your friendship should speak for the kind of woman that you are too! Thanks for sharing your experience...

so so sweet. tears in my eyes.

Isn't it amazing that we as women can feel a connection to someone like Nie, someone most of us have never met, yet feel as if we know because of her Christlike example and goodness and femininity? We are lucky to have a friend in Nie.Thank you for making her even more real and relate-
able. Both of you are inspiring.

She is amazing. Ever since she posted a photo of herself last week, I can't stop thinking about her (as if I know her). She's an amazing woman and I look back at her past posts on her blog in the hopes that a little Nie will rub off on me.

Lucky you to have that graciousness poured upon you...but I imagine she must feel exactly the same way about you.

This a really good picture blog. I like that you don't have too many pictures, but you have the right amount. And the pictures are in a color AND black and white...that's refreshingly different.

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