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Thanks for the Haiti info. I often want to do something tangible--something that means more than money--but this is a good reminder to find the needs of the people, not just respond to my own need to give.

What a beautiful birthday project. I'll see what I can do to help.

I'm going to figure out what I can do to help with your project-love this idea!!

In the meantime, I am donating 100% of proceeds to Haiti Relief from my pattern sales in my shop.

Just and FYI on the Haitian effort: check out the UMCOR website. The biggest thing they need right now is health kits. It is basically the same thing as the birth kits. Eventually your birth kits will probably make their way to Haiti too!

I think the MSNBC article is a little misleading. There are ways that you can make your dollar go further, you just have to know who to ask :)

What a great idea -- isn't it a wonderful thing to unite in an effort to do good?

Here's another great way to give to help in Haiti...I was sent this graphic link that can be put on blogs and facebook pages about the Church's efforts for Haiti.

Great Idea Kelly! I love this tradition of yours!

Off topic (sorry) but I love the new blog look and I just saw that your me + you quilt pattern is on the front page of Etsy right now! :D

this makes me really proud that you are my sister....
dig on your shirt

Count me in for $38 in honor of MY birthday! :)
Love your tradition, Kelly!
Your new profile pic is adorable!

I finished my first quilting project of my own (and posted it on my site) based on your tutorial. Thanks for such great instruction! You are my quilting hero ;)

Kelly, this is sooo awesome. I will make a receiving blanket with some flannel that I have. Thanks for the measurement guidelines. The flannels I have are cute patterned fabrics. Are patterns okay on the blankets or do they need to be solid? I also would love to send some soap. I have a brand of almond bar soap that is so gentle, but it doesn't come packaged. Is that okay? If not, I'm happy picking up some packaged soap bars instead. :0) I'll be in touch. Thanks.

This is so great. I would like to send some soap. Where do I mail it?

I love your new banner, I love your ideas, I love that you share them and I love who you are. Thank you for all of that...

Oh my goodness; I sooo don't want this comment to turn into a love letter, but I just have to tell you how completely impressed and moved I am by you and your spirit. Seriously, I couldn't stop thinking about the things you said around Christmas when you were deciding what present to give Cate. Truly, you changed my life a little then. I started thinking about what I'm teaching my kids about consuming and wanting and having; your reflections and honesty moved me deeply.

Now you bust out with this - it's your birthday and you're thinking about what you can give to others versus what you want people to give to you. Amazing. I'm sure you won't believe this nor will it affect you nearly as much as I wish I could express it has affected me, but your Christ-like attitudes, unselfishness, humility and genuine kindness make me want to be better every day.

Thank you for your example.

what a great way to celebrate your birthdays! it's amazing how many people have stepped up to the plate with the tragedy in haiti. let's hope many people continue to give and serve in the future.

p.s. love your blog. silent stalking no more! :)

hi. yes... i will get on that receiving blanket. email the address where i send it to thanks. awesome bd gift for everyone. happy bd day!

I will make two or three, just send me the address.

What a beautiful project you are doing. I'm working on a charity project called "Think Pink" for the Susan G. Komen foundation. How beautiful it would be for everyone to help build up their favorite charity or cause. You are an inspiration.

you are awesome. happy birthday!

How awesome! It's funny, I actually just got a group of my friends together (that we all graduated together) and we're doing a "30 for 30" for our birthdays. Basically we're all pledging to help each other with their service projects in exchange for help with ours.

You are such an inspiration! I am considering doing a similar thing for my upcoming birthday. I hope you don't mind me taking your lead!

I would say the same as Paula, my problem is I shall be 65 in April - but I feel really inspired by your idea and will consider how to "do my own thing" . Thank you!
Blessings! Val

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