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Your home is beautiful. I'm sure the next one will be too!

THAT is a basement apartment?! the light is lovely. and you've made it so homey. good luck with your house hunt!

It's totally dug out so it's very light. Lucky. I would go crazy wiggly sunlight coming in like a normal house!

Haha, wiggly is supposed to be without. Darn you, auto correct

cates room turned out so great

just gorgeous. I want to sleep in cate's room.

I love that yellow desk, so cute. I long for the time when my girls can each have their own room so that we don't have to have three girls in one small room, basically it's just beds :)

Your home is beautiful.

yes, you get points for that! i wish my bed was always made. i need to do better at that. her room is so darling.

both of these rooms make me happy happy happy!! Serioulsy, love that yellow desk and your room is sooooo tranquil and beautiful!!

Oh that light! Really beautiful, Kelly. You have such a natural way about everything you do. Nothing seems fussed over, just easy. I love it.

It's finished!!! Cakes room looks amazing, I love it. You need to stay and enjoy it.

sighhhh fresh and bright and clean and pretty. love.

do you happen to have the paint chip for the yellow on the desk, or know what it is?

Oh oh! I know a great place with lots of beautiful homes to rent or buy. It's this place called Reno...maybe you've heard of it. Anyway, I know some people here you might like to spend some time with too.....just a suggestion.

enjoy it while you can, it won't look like that when we roll into town. Lizzie and cate in her room=a scary mess. smile.

Just beautiful Kelly. What great talent you have to make such a lovely home. :0)

Love love love Cates desk, oh and her rug! Where did you find her rug? Do you do home decorating, planning/organizing on a personal level? My family and I are moving this month from Bountiful to West Jordan and I would love to hire help (if its affordable) to get us organized, simplify and to help pretty things up. I adore your simple, clean, pretty style. Let me know if you ever do stuff like this.

tara- nope, we can't remember the paint name. we found that desk in someones garbage and grant just went and bought a bright yellow, but it has escaped our minds...

danyelle, that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. i'm being serious.

brandy- i am highly unqualified. seriously. but i will give you this advice- get rid of stuff. be ruthless. if it isn't beautiful and useful it's out. you can't find things that are both for cheap everywhere. fill your home with what you love, not what you see on the internet, too. that's my whole design philosophy. live is crazy, i need my surroundings peaceful.

oh ya, the rug was on clearance at target a few years ago. literally the most expensive home piece i have ever bought at a whopping $69. everything else in her room is from someone's trash or a garage sale, so it all evens out, right?

so perfect. i've been looking forward to coming to the states almost solely so i can actually see your pictures. i don't know why the uae hates typepad, but it does. xx

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