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I wish you and your family the very best :) p.s. I <3 Dottie

i love when your blog pops up on my reader.

i hope you know your faith has been a source of inspiration to me the past few months as i've come to find my own. thanks for being strong and open about it. and not making it seem like "the thing to do" if that makes sense.

i wish we were neighbors.

First, you and Nicole are so beautiful. second, I clicked the link to Mara's blog. Elder Busche, the man in the video, was my mom's mission president in Germany in the 70's. How cool is that? I sent the link to my mom. She loooves it and loves Elder Busche and all Reneer girls.

Kristine- we'd just love to see your face back in Utah

Edith- thank u very much and I'll pass the word onto Dottie

Nat- we are neighbors! Just on the Internet :) thanks for the kind words

Corine- wow you worked fast! That is super cool and Reneer girls looove Bell girls more!

i just love you Kelly. had a nice little chat with grant tonight and he's the best too. love seeing nicole's face more even if it's for sad/happy reasons. i'd like to get cozy with you girls soooon please. congrats on the new place!

We've been living in our little townhouse in Spanish Fork for three years now, and neither of us saw that one coming either. It is exactly what you'd expect from a Utah townhouse, and it's exactly where we need to me, even if it's not the craftsman bungalow of our dreams. We're so happy in our little house, and love it!

Best wishes to your sister! And how lucky she is to have family to help heal her heart.

Jane- I absolutely promise to hold cozy knitting nights when we are settled

Tamsin- that gives me hope, thank you!

I love hearing your life updates. :) A new space is always exciting and brings such an awesome, fresh perspective - congrats on yours! Your sis is lucky to have you for support (been there, done that) and this will be a chance for you both to grow.

I rarely comment but have been reading for several years now. I think you are beautiful and I love your outlook on life/family. Good luck with your move and please give your sister lots of love. I have been through the same thing with family members (my parents and a brother) and I know from my own marriage that it's just hard. Love your blog!

We've tried to move three times out of our house. Each time we get the big "uh-uh" from upstairs. I LOVE that you wrote that you "listen" to your hearts. It's not a one time thing. It's just what you do...something we try to do. And as far as staying where we've tried to leave so many times, every once in a while we get a small glimpse of why. And it makes me so grateful.

Turns out we live right next to a clubhouse happy if it turns out we're neighbors??

Here's to hoping. And listening...and sisters too :)

wait this may be the wrong initial reaction but katy perry and russel broke up!!!??? oh and i love u both buttloads and ur post made my eyes watery

hugs to coco, and you :) from the midwest. gah thats still weird. yeah ch ch changes.

Kelly, thank you for your real-ness. I love it, I crave it, I admire it. You are + always will be one of the best!!!

To coco, I'm so sorry. Divorce is hard. Unfortunately, our family is dealing with it as well with the nasty divorce of my husband's parents. My advice is to cling to those who love you unconditionally and to your Savior. Remember that you are a beautiful daughter of God full of worth.

Lots of love, from WA state,

This post has brightened my day immensely. Thanks for your upbeat spirit, and for your honesty. I don't know Coco, but hugs to her during this difficult time.

Sara and Mary- I'm sorry that you've had to experience divorce situations in your fams, but it comforts me that others have made it through and are thriving, thanks!

Callie- I would be over joyed if we were in the same ward again! Fingers crossed :)

V- hope all is well, that really is weird u live so far!

Shauna- my favorite comment ever. Love u!

Marilyn- thank u always for supporting and building me up! I'm glad you're a blogger I've gotten to meet, and I hope to lunch with u again someday!

Casee- thank you! What a sweet comment!

great couch find. cool. you better email me details on this new house.

oh, and i bet mandee is super sad.

I am happy that you found a place - home planning/decorating/starting fresh is the best.

I adore you guys and so wish I could be your sister. I would make a pretty fun addition. What do you think? ;)

Coco - hang in there - when God closes a door, he opens a window. Okay Maria?

if your sister is as warm and fun and kind as you (pretty sure she is), then she deserves all the best in the world. i'm wishing it for her!

oh and should we start calling grant sheng? you know from mulan.

Oh, this made me cry for Coco. You both ar so beautiful and my heart goes out to her.. I am so glad she has a wonderful sister to lean on. I, too, am getting divorced and I have to admit that I always had preconceived notions about people who divorced. It was always something that happened to other people. Well, I have learned so much in this horrible process. The experiences that led up to my divorce have made me a stronger, more compassionate, more Christlike person. The same is happening to Coco I am sure. I know how much my family (and Mandee) loved and supported me through tne hardest time of my life and it meant everything to me.

Lots of love,


tara- i love you and that you quoted maria. quoting maria makes us sisters.

abby- i am none of those things, but thanks and she does deserve it. it's been rough.

brooke- i have prayed for you! life is so hard. but it's meant to do just what you said, refine us. i know you have a good family too, it does make all the diff, doesn't it?

wow, changes for you too?!? Wish I was there to help pack and move

loves. xxx

Love this post!
p.s. you look super cute in all your pics :)

congrats on the house. changes are terrifying but so good in the end.

your sister is beautiful and seems as awesome as you are, so hopefully really great things are in store for her.

You know I've been following you for a few years now...for lots of reasons we both get. Thank you for the awesome update on you and your sister. I teared up for lots of reasons. I don't know if she will remember talking me that day she did my hair, but please give her a little squeeze.

My best as you move into your new house. I hope to see you again on my next Utah excursion. Hugs.

Tell Heather that I am super sad ... so sad, I actually cried about it, and you're only moving 3 miles down the road. And I also just have to say that I love Brooke, and Coco, and know that good things are on the horizon for both of them.

And lastly- I am really excited for you guys. You have been a blessing to our family in so many ways. You will never know the depth of my gratitude and love.

OMGosh, Nicole!!! I am so behind & out of the loop on our dear Mccalebs/Reneers! Please come live w/ us in Hawaii, you gorgeous, amazing, way-too-good-for-that CoCo!!! Good luck w/ the matter how often we do it I never get over my 'move freak out' meltdowns. Kelly, you're looking more beautiful & skinny & awesome than ever! Please give lots of love to sweet Cate--Kennedy will never forget her first bestie!
love, Trace & all the Gibsons
P.S. can I please have a sis-in-law like yours?

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