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I'm so glad you're not going to quit blogging. Congratulations on the next chapter of your life. Look at little Cate! That's totally how I remember her.

I miss to blog. You wax poetic.

Your blog is one of my very favorites. In fact a friend asked me this weekend for a list of my favorite blogs and yours was on it. You inspire me. I look forward to reading more about your life.

i really like this. its so nice to know the reason why you are doing things and to watch the progression of things. it is crazy how things go by wayyyy faster than you would ever ever ever think. im glad you are in a good place now. heres to the next chapter! yahooo!

I love reading through my blog and seeing how I have changed. I have really been enjoying reading your blog the past few weeks, I just don't think I have commented until now :)

Geesh you scared me for a sec there. I thought you were saying goodbye, that you were done with blogging. I appreciate so much your realness. You are inspiring. Thanks for letting so many of us blog stalk your life.

I love this post, in a sad and happy way. It's kind of sad to see things change, but happy, too. I liked what you said about health. Once you'd met your goals, you could tone it down. That's how I feel. I am very much in do it do it do it mode for nutrition, as I have a very big goal to meet. But I'm dang sick of it. I just want to do something else - anything else. Luckily, I think it's around the corner, my relief. But nutrition really is a means to an end. It is important. We don't all just want to go to pot when we're 40. But we are healthy so that we can LIVE. And if we worry about food our whole lives, we're not living. Thanks Kelly.

I was a bit worried when I first started reading this post that you were going to stop blogging. While I've followed your Tumblr page since way back, I only just discovered your blog recently and really enjoy reading it. I like that your blog is 'real' and that you blog for you,to journal and to record and to reflect on things.

yay. life is never boring!

Perhaps, the evolution of our blogs is the most fascinating way to learn about ourselves. Sometimes when I go back and read posts from the first year of my blog, I cringe and even think "Oh, I want to delete this post." But then I remind myself that it's a reminder of how I've grown and changed over the years, a marker for learning.

Thanks Kelly, for all you share here!

thank you kelly! you have put into words, more beautifully than i could have, how i have felt many, many times.

and congrats girl! can't wait to see where it takes you!

<3 a fellow blogger

I know exactly what you mean about all of it. And you writing all of that made me try and remember what it was about you that made me start following your blog. Was is sewing? scrapbooking? gardening? after reading that post and seeing a bunch of your phases I have decided it wasn't any of those things. It was just you. Keep it real and I will be here.

You'll do very well. I love reading your blog so much so I just have to say this: no using grad school as an excuse not to blog! I'm just finishing my master's and I blogged the whole time! ;) (I understand if you can't, but I'll miss your posts!). I like how you said that things feel permanent but they really aren't. I've had great blessings in my life these past few years but I'm hitting a rough patch. I believe you were inspired to say that just for me, so thanks! :)

Every day I struggle with PCOS and most days it feels like a hopeless challenge. Most days it beats me into the ground to the point where I painfully believe that I will never be thin again, that I will never be able to move past or through this, that everything in my life will always have this miserable side note of PCOS screwing around with my girl parts and what I show the world through my physical being.

Shaving my face is particularly humiliating when layered to that.

But this post...I'm at work, I'm in tears, and I am feeling something like hope. I read your blog quietly and often envy the images and things found on it. To know that you struggled with the same monster that I struggle with...and that you have risen is literally life and mind changing.

Thank you. For this post. For blogging. For sharing.

Wonderful pictures - it is fun to see the evolution. I am curious what you were able to do that helped you lose weight? You look awesome! I have some very stubborn pounds to lose.

Those pictures made me sad happy. It seems so long ago you were the crafty etsy girl...It's so odd to me how chapters close and we evolve. Blogging in general across all of the blogs... changed. It's interesting. Sometimes going to a blog you haven't read in a while is like picking up a book you used to read all the time. Looking at those pictures you posted is like revisiting a chapter in my own life oddly enough, does that make sense? Like I remember myself when I was reading about Kelly's new scrapbook kits and quiet books... hmmm... Etsy was the way I found out about your blog... and then nie's when you made her those aprons... like 5-close to 6? years ago? crazy. I am glad you are changing and doing new things. All the best to you.

I really only read about 5 blogs these days, yours being one of time and waning interest on my part :) I was trying to think of how to describe what your blog has been to me and it dawned on me. It's like my favorite old sweatshirt...comfy and the one thing I'd rather be wearing more than anything else. I remember a quote from one of my favorite the movie Robert Redford is being interviewed and he said, "In this industry you search for authenticity..." and that's what I crave when reading blogs and that's what oozes from every corner of yours. Kinda makes me sad for the timing of when we first met and that I was still so painfully shy :) Cheers to grad school, cheers to feeling love and finding hope in thrift stores and cheers to you chica :)

Sweet Kelly, your blog has always been one of my very, very favorites- ever since I discovered it the first year I was blogging six years ago! So happy that you are still writing + sharing your thoughts. While our stories are very different, I can totally relate in the evolution of my own blogging journey. I mean, remember when my blog was called Tales of a Crafty Mama because I thought I was only going to write about being crafty, but then never really did? :) So excited for you + grade school and all that has in store for you. And of course, I am still praying that God grants the desire of your heart with a baby someday soon!

I love reading your blog! It is always uplifting. One of my good friends struggles with PCOS too.

That is her blog. She recently changed her diet and the doctors no longer say she has PCOS. Which is incredible.
Anyway, again, I hope you continue blogging. I love reading it.

you totalllly don't know me - I don't think I've ever written on here before (I fell in looove with your quilt pics on tumblr and have followed your journey ever since!)

I am cheering for you!

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