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Kelly, I just wanted to write to say that I have been following your blog for years now and I can't actually remember how I happened upon it, but whole I went through fertility struggles, there were literally no people around me going through the same type of thing... I remember my first round of clomid feeling super alone and then reading about your struggles and feeling like I wasn't alone in that. With that said, I thank you for helping me through by having this blog! You bless me eventhough I dont know you. I hope as my daughter ages that she and I can have a rad relationship like you and your Cate. Plus, I think your taste is great too! (Thrifting and clotging styles and such).... anyhow please know that the impact of this blog on me, has been great :)

thank you sara, i try really hard to balance sharing struggles and being real with not being a snarky complainer, and trying to make life beautiful. what you said means a lot.

Hello Kelly!

I just love your blog and appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I totally understand what you are saying about bloggers and I do not see you as narcissistic at all. You just seem so wonderful. Also, just so you know, Toms shoes makes sturdier shoes for the kids they send them too. I thought the same thing you did about them and then saw an interview with the owner and they showed the shoes the kids get, which are built a little differently. Anyway, I love the cut toms..such a good idea. Thanks for sharing!

Oh I'm so glad to know that, thx corisa! Seems like they could extend that quality to us then, no?

i have always loved the "realness" of your blog, and i have been inspired on many different occasions about many different things. thanks for letting those of us who want to have a glimpse into your life. we all have so much to learn from each other, and i love how this whole blogging thing can do exactly that. thank you thank you!

ps... i got a haircut from your sis last weekend, and you weren't kidding. she is great!!

You hit the nail on the head! Blog hating and nasty comments never made sense to me. No one is forcing you to read a blog. If you don't like it go elsewhere.

Blogs can be an amazing outlet. You're in Utah, I'm in Philadelphia. Our paths would never cross otherwise but through your blog I have taken so much comfort. As a woman who has dealt with anxiety/depression all her life it has truly been a blessing to read about your experiences. Before you I had never heard anyone else talk about struggling with depression in childhood. It made me feel less alone to hear you describe what that was like for you.

Thanks for all you share. You really are a brave and beautiful woman!

What a great post! I agree completely and feel much the same way about my own blog. It is sad that some will attack others so personally- I've never quite understood it. It seems pretty simple to me- if you don't like it or agree with it- don't read it!

chrissy- you're rad. thank you for making me feel not foolish for over sharing.

beth- i am convinced the only motive that would cause one to do it is jealousy. i can't think of a single other reason. get a life of your own, right?!

jennifer- oh good! i know i couldn't live without her. i love to learn from other people too, that's the only reason i read blogs. to be inspired, and have learning moments. i only read a few, but it's about positivity.

I agree with you 100%! Loved this post! :)

amen :)

Love. Love. Love. I second that amen.

I was disappointed to hear about that too... The ugly/trash-other-people blog thing happened in the scrapbooking world and was a major reason why I stopped putting myself out there, both with blogging and scrapbooking. It felt so awful to know that people were out there waiting to trash you for anything you said, to take your beauty and make it ugly.

Recently, I've realized that I really really miss that outlet, that I've kind of been dying inside by keeping myself mute. (and letting important memories be undocumented and forgotten). I'm pushing through that fear and trying to be open and honest. You're my mentor. :) First blog I look at. You're just you. No apologies, no show, you show up here if you feel like it, you stay away if you don't. But when you show up, you really do. Love that about you. :) Thanks for that.

that's true about the scrapbooking world, i remember that- good point. i think it might be why i stopped too, i thought the whole industry was so lame. and i really really miss it too. let's do some pages, shall we?? haha. thank you for what you said about my blog. that is my goal. authenticity. thank you for making me feel i'm achieving that. thank you. did i say thank you?

Amen. amen. and amen. How about a hallelujah chorus! Well said.

Yes, let's do some pages! You go first. :)


Kelly, you are so inspiring and real! I love your blog. You make so much sense and you help me feel normal. Thank you for sharing all these things. P.S- I want to go thrift store shopping with you. xoxo

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